A new restaurant zone

The kitchen is well composed
The area of ​​the new food court is 552 sq m. 15 new seats have been prepared for the restaurant guests, which makes 224 in total. Customers of Galeria Lodzka can enjoy a new, designer space. Large tables are perfect for sharing pizza among a group of friends, and the separate spaces will allow you to conduct business meeting “over coffee.” Numerous electric outlets allow you to work with computer or charge the mobile phone. The space is also built by the lights, which make the restaurant cozy and inviting. The project entered 64 hanging lamps and 12 large-format lamps, so-called light-boxes. The distinguishing feature is also highlighted by 5 different kinds of flooring, among others concrete with mosaic patterns. This eclectic interior creates a coherent whole, successfully combining wood, metal, glass and concrete.

Sophisticated menu
Eight culinary concepts have been prepared to offer “foodies of Lodz” dishes from all over the world, from Polish cuisine to the flavors of far Asia. A novelty is Kuchnia Marche, which allows you to compose your own dishes. If you have some appetite for more, soon RaanRann will be open. A Restaurant is based on the concept that the food is prepared in full view of customers. The new foodc ourt of Galeria Łódzka definitely stimulates the appetite.